Thursday, July 18, 2013


I FINALLY opened my etsy shop!

At the end of this last pregnancy I felt so run down that I wasn't being very productive, then caring for a newborn and adjusting to raising four kids made the prospect of trying to do anything else seem nigh impossible. Then I was thinking about how to make a reusable produce bag, one idea I came up with was to crochet one. So I looked online for a pattern and found several, I made a few changes to my favorites and I had a reusable produce bag!

One of the websites I found had a host of other patterns including one for crocheted beaded jewelry. I had never heard of this before, the only crocheted jewelry I had seen was made from yard with some kind of flower applique and I wasn't very big on it, but this was crocheted from crochet thread ( some patterns I have found use embroidery floss or even wire, but I like the crochet thread better! So I got a few supplies and got started! I made some with a cluster of beads for the clasp and some with a large bead for the clasp. I think I like the large bead better, but I think both ways look pretty. I have some that go around your wrist once and some that wrap (or they can be choker necklaces), single crocheted and chain stitched. So far I am really pleased!

I am making more and also planning on adding things like metal stamped jewelry, candle holders (out of baby food jars!), and eventually candles!

I added the etsy widget to the side so you can see what's in my shop, and the web address for my shop is

I'm so excited!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I thought I would write a post about my plans for my etsy shop. First off, I plan to post items for sale, and plan to have one of those nifty things on the sidebar that shows them off. The reason I haven't posted any items yet is because I am short on materials. But I am close so I though I would write about things I plan to put on my etsy shop soon.

Hand painted wooden signs. My husband and I have always really liked signs that have sayings or quotes that we think really applies to us, so one night for a date we made some out of some scrap lumber he had gotten from work (he was working construction at the time, in case you couldn't guess). On another date we made a small shelf for the wall, and on another occasion I painted a clock for out living room, and later on made a sign for our daughters room. After this we went through several years of uncertainty as far as finances and where we would live. Putting us these signs and pictures of us made it feel more like home. We have come up with a few more things we want to have posted in our home, and I got to thinking that some of these things would be things others might really enjoy too. I will do a variety of things like "welcome" and customizable last names, as well as our family motto: "Be happy, no matter what." And something about removing shoes (it seriously decreases on floor cleaning).

Chore charts. This will also be on boards, like the signs, but they will either have pegs or magnets so that children can mark when they have done something on their chore chart. I ill be keeping these fairly simple, so as to keep the cost to a more reasonable amount.

Reusable gift bags. I have seen some cute ones lately, and I dislike wrapping paper because I have so much to throw away after each gift giving holiday.

Mail organizers. Just something simple and kind of pretty to help organize your mail each day!

Beaded jewelery. This one is a ways off, but there are a lot of cool jewelery items I like out there and I really want to get into it. I think that I should focus on improving what I already can do first, and then (after the baby's a bit bigger) get into more things.

Candles. Again with a new skill that I will eventually be working on, but I think I will first work on it for personal use because I like candles.

I am also trying to come up with a consistent daily schedule for our family, and I would like to find an attractive way or displaying that so the kids can see and the early/non-readers know what to expect. When I get that worked out I will create either a printable that I can send to others or have some cute way or displaying it (decorative and functional frames or something). This is obviously still a work in progress.

I hope to create many more things as time goes on, for now though, those are the things that I will be working on!

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Etsy Blog

This blog is to promote my new etsy shop. I am new to etsy, but very excited to make and share my creations! On this blog I will be updating newly added items, and updating to status of my shop, such as how long it takes me to process an order, and when I'm taking a break (this fall I will be having another baby, so I will take some time off from creating, but I will ease back into it as I heal). I love making things and I hope that my enthusiasm shows through in the things that I create!