Thursday, July 18, 2013


I FINALLY opened my etsy shop!

At the end of this last pregnancy I felt so run down that I wasn't being very productive, then caring for a newborn and adjusting to raising four kids made the prospect of trying to do anything else seem nigh impossible. Then I was thinking about how to make a reusable produce bag, one idea I came up with was to crochet one. So I looked online for a pattern and found several, I made a few changes to my favorites and I had a reusable produce bag!

One of the websites I found had a host of other patterns including one for crocheted beaded jewelry. I had never heard of this before, the only crocheted jewelry I had seen was made from yard with some kind of flower applique and I wasn't very big on it, but this was crocheted from crochet thread ( some patterns I have found use embroidery floss or even wire, but I like the crochet thread better! So I got a few supplies and got started! I made some with a cluster of beads for the clasp and some with a large bead for the clasp. I think I like the large bead better, but I think both ways look pretty. I have some that go around your wrist once and some that wrap (or they can be choker necklaces), single crocheted and chain stitched. So far I am really pleased!

I am making more and also planning on adding things like metal stamped jewelry, candle holders (out of baby food jars!), and eventually candles!

I added the etsy widget to the side so you can see what's in my shop, and the web address for my shop is

I'm so excited!

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